The Osteopathic Surgery in Scottburgh opened its doors in January 2007 at 13 Ratcliffe Lane Scottburgh and expanded to Durban North in September 2008. ln early 2009 Nigel moved to the Umhlanga Hospital Medical Centre and has subsequently setup a practiceat Palmiet Wellness Centre in Westville.

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At the practice in Scottburgh, the rooms are also utilised by a Clinical Psychologist and at Palmiet Wellness Centre there is a Counselling Psychologist, a wound care Nursing Sister, a Homeopath and a Chiropractor.


The cost of your treatment may be redeemable in whole or part from your Medical Aid Provider. If you want to claim for your treatment we advise that you contact your Medical Aid first to ensure that Osteopathic treatment is covered.
Discovery - DO PAY for Osteopathic treatment . There is a good chance that if your medical scheme is administered by Medscheme, Momentum, Metropolitan Health or Old Mutual, that it will pay for osteopathic treatments..


13 Ratcliffe Lane Scottburgh 4180
Tuesday & Thursday: 8.30am - 5.00pm

9 Stedman Mews 128 Jan Hofmeyer Road Westville
Monday, Wednesday, Friday: 8.30am - 5.00pm

We can be contacted via this page, alterantively you can email us directly here or even by phone.


June 2007

There are ways to keep healthy without my assistance: EAT WELL There are some basic easy to follow rules to eating well and I am sure you have heard them all before - but I shall remind you again. A low kilojoule/calorie and high-fibre diet, which includes the 5 food groups, is the safest and healthiest diet to follow. The 5 food groups are: grain, fruit, vegetables, protein, Read More.......

December 2007

In a couple of weeks a number of you will be complaining about how you have over indulged and that you need to get yourself back on track. There is no time like the present to start but hey - the New Year will do. Remember, it is easy - input versus output - if you want to eat more you need to exercise more. Read More.......

May 2008

It has been a while since my last newsletter and it is hard to believe we are already into May. The last letter ended with me banging on about being overweight and cholesterol - a subject I said I would address again. I'll just discuss cholesterol - you'll know if you are overweight because you can see it -but you may not know if you have high cholesterol. Read More.......

March 2009

This letter is now well overdue and I hope it finds you in good health. With the current economic climate as it is I thought it may be a good idea to cover the subject of medical aids and osteopathy. If you are not on a medical aid, or are on a hospital plan only, you may want to stop reading this now. For those of you who are on a medical aid you will be pleased to know that more medical aids are paying for osteopathy. Read More........

November 2009

I hope this newsletter finds you well and enjoying the start of the summer weather. I thought I would address something that I feel so many of us take for granted until we find it failing us - our vision. I have now had to start wearing glasses on a permanent basis and have found it most inconvenient. The deterioration in my sight has been rapid and I have found this quite alarming. Read More......